JADS Tattoo

Tattoo Studio


Jads Tattoo is not just any tattoo studio in Nepal, but it is a name that is synonymous with excellence and creativity. Established in the year 2007 AD by the visionary tattoo artist, John Maharjan, Jads Tattoo has come a long way and is now considered the best tattoo studio in Nepal. With its unique blend of custom tattoo designs, hygienic practices, and talented artists, Jads Tattoo has managed to stay ahead of the game and carve a niche for itself in the tattoo industry.

One of the oldest tattoo studios in Nepal, Jads Tattoo is home to internationally acclaimed tattoo artists who have won several awards in tattoo conventions around the world. These artists are not just skilled in their craft, but they are also passionate about their work and take great pride in bringing their clients’ ideas to life. Whether it is a small, intricate design or a large, elaborate one, Jads Tattoo has the expertise and experience to make it happen.

But that’s not all. Jads Tattoo is also actively involved in charity works and has been supporting various social causes through its work. The studio operates in a hygienic environment and follows the best sterilization practices to ensure the safety and well-being of its clients.

Apart from its excellent tattooing services, the team of Jads Tattoo also organizes the annual International Nepal Inked Tattoo Festival, which attracts tattoo enthusiasts from around the world. This festival is a celebration of art, culture and lifestyle. The team at Jads Tattoo also publishes Nepal Inked Magazine, which is the only tattoo magazine in Nepal. This magazine showcases the work of talented artists from around the world and provides a platform for them to share their stories and experiences.

All in all, Jads Tattoo is a name that represents excellence, creativity, and passion. With its talented artists, hygienic practices, and commitment to social causes, Jads Tattoo has earned the trust and respect of its clients and the tattoo community at large.